Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumn Fun

This Tutorial was written in psp 9 but is compatible in any version.
Animation Shop is required for the animation.
Supplies used in this Tutorial
Tube is the art of Suzanne Woolcott which you must obtain a license to use.
You can find her art here.

All other supplies are from the kit Fun at the Pumpkin Patch which was designed by me.
This is available here.
Let's get started
Open up a white canvas 700x700
Open up your tree and place this on the right hand side of your canvas.
Duplicate and place the other on the opposite site.
Next open up your house and place this inbetween the trees.

Now open up your leaves and duplicate them to make a total of 4 place two of them as your bottom layers and place them at the trees.

Open up your fence and place this in front of your house and trees.
Place your other two leaves in the front of the fence.
Open up your pumpkin and place this where desired and duplicate the pumpkin if desired.

Next open up your suflowers and place them where desired.
Open up your tractor and cart and place these where you like as well.

Next open up your bear that is jumping. Place him sitting in the leaves where his legs are hiding.
Duplicate this layer around 4 times and place one on top of each other moving each one higher then the last.
On the last bear rotate him to the right just a bit and then duplicate him the same amount of times moving each one down towards the leaves.
After you have done this x out all your bear layers except the one sitting in the leaves.

Then add your bear that looks as if he has fallen into the leaves, Place him just below the leaf layer that your bears are jumping from. X him out for now as well.
You might want to label your bears bear 1 2 and so on as it is easier to keep track this way.

Now after you have done this add your tube where desired.
Add a mask to the back of your tag if you desire.
Dont forget to add your copyright to your tag.

Merge visible layers and copy and paste into animation shop.
Go back to psp and x out the first bear and unhide the second.
Copy and paste this after current animation.
Continue to do this until you have your tag completely done with the bears.
Save your tag as a gif and you are done.
I hope you enjoyed this Tutorial

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