Saturday, June 26, 2010

To Sir With Love by Lynn

This tutorial was written by Lynn on June 26th, 2010
Please do not copy this tutorial into other sites, email lists, etc.

Supplies needed:
PSP 9 (any version will work)
Tube(s) and or graphic of your choice
I used artwork by Keith Garvey. To use this artwork please visit HERE
Template is by Missy of Divine Intentionz #281 which you can get at her blog HERE
Kit or supplies of choice, I used To Sir With Love by me
Font of choice

The scrap kit I used was called Endearing by me, which you can get HERE

Ok let's get started...

This is a really easy tut. Open a canvas 700 x 700. Open template #281 by Missy. Click on the glittered oval layer. Selections, select all, float, defloat. Add a new layer. Fill with color of choice. This color is going to be blurred and in the very background. Once happy fill with the color you chose. Selections none. Apply gaussian blur 25. Now arrange it how you want it to peek out from the oval. When happy lower opacity of this layer to about 35% or your own preference.

Open heart sparkles. Copy and paste as a new layer directly above the blurred background you made. Arrange as happy.

Click on glittered oval layer. You can either fill with a color of choice or use what is there.

Click on oval layer. Select all float, defloat. New layer. Fill with color of choice. Hide original oval layer.

Click on circle layer. I left this black for the background but the choice is up to you. Open tube of choice. Copy and paste as a new layer. Place inside the circle layer. Remove any excess tube from the bottom of the circle. Apply drop shadow as needed.

Open floral swirl. Copy and paste as a new layer. Arrange it so it is to the side of the tube and circle. (see my tag as example) When happy with placement add a drop shadow of choice.

I closed out the word art layers and the star layers from the templates but it is your choice if you wish to include these on your tag.

Open heart pearl. Copy and paste as a new layer. Resize and rotate slightly as you like. Arrange on the swirl as you like it. (again see my tag as example) Apply drop shadow as happy to each heart layer.

Add your text where you are happy now. Apply any appropriate copyright information. Crop and resize as needed. Save as a png or jpeg and you're done.

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